A STEP FORWARD was made by Doctors of the World with the registration of 8 children in the primary and secondary education of the Municipality of Athens. The children, who are living in the Open Accommodation Center “A Step Forward” during the period of the examination of their asylum application, with the help of the staff, gained the obvious, their right to knowledge and learning.

All the children of “A Step Forward” who are registered in the respective school units of Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and High School are already enjoying the benefits of their school. The look of joy and fulfillment painted on the faces of the new students of “A Step Forward” alternate with the feeling of pride and dignity that their new life offers them!

The teacher of “A Step Forward” and the volunteers of Doctors of the World who participate in the project, help the students in their studies and assignments in the context of remedial teaching, so that they can follow the school program with ease and success. An essential move to make the most of the time spent by the women and their children at the Open Accommodation Center.