Henna designs

August 11, 2023|

Henna is part of the culture of many communities in Africa, Asia and the Middle East

August Full Moon

August 2, 2023|

The beneficiaries of the "A Step Forward" had the opportunity to visit the Acropolis Museum

Under Renovation

May 8, 2023|

Doctors of the World is renovating the Open Accommodation Centre “A Step Forward” to be able to accommodate and support women and children at risk in a renewed and modern environment.

Currently “A Step Forward” is undergoing maintenance and renovation work.

Infographic 01.2023

January 30, 2023|

See the activity results of the Open Accommodation Centre to date.

Ice skating

December 29, 2022|

They may have found it difficult at first, but once they figured out how, the women and children of #AStepForward didn’t stop ⛸️skating, showing off their amazing skills

Christmas decoration

December 9, 2022|

The Open Accommodation Centre #AStepForward was filled with joyful children’s voices and songs as the hosted children took over the 🎄 Christmas decoration! With their imagination they put […]

Municipal Theatre of Piraeus

November 18, 2022|

The young children of the “A Step Forward” Accommodation Center attended the theatrical performance “Dodo!” at the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, an unique performance by the Vida Group, for ages 12 months to 3 years old, full of imagination, sounds, colors and shapes. The “A Step Forward” youngsters were thrilled to participate in this interactive experience filled with beautiful surprises.

Visiting the National Museum of Contemporary Art of Athens

November 4, 2022|

The women and children of A Step Forward visited the National Museum of Contemporary Art of Athens, where they had the opportunity to tour and view some of the Museum’s guest exhibitions, and then discussed and expressed the thoughts and opinions that emerged from their contact with the works.

The Home Project

October 31, 2022|

The children of A Step Forward visited the big celebration of The Home Project, which aimed at community building, addressing xenophobia and stereotypes through coexistence. The Kypseli Municipal Market was filled with music and creative workshops in which the #ASF children also had the opportunity to make and share wonderful things.

Dream On | Exhibition at NEON

October 14, 2022|

H., who is hosted at the “A Step Forward” Open Accommodation Center, loves art. The visit to the art space NEON, in the former tobacco factory, gave her the opportunity to see the exhibition Dream On, where large-scale installations by international and greek artists are presented.

Museum of Illusion

September 26, 2022|

Through fun tricks, the young children learned about perception, vision and illusions.

World Literacy Day

September 9, 2022|

Educational activity organized by the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation

Infographic 08.2022

August 12, 2022|

See the activity results of the Open Accommodation Centre to date.

Mrs Olga from Ukraine

July 29, 2022|

Mrs Olga arrived in Greece leaving Ukraine behind when the war broke out.

Attica Zoological Park

June 15, 2022|

The women and children of the A Step Forward had a unique experience during their visit to the Attica Zoological Park, where they had the opportunity to see wild animals from various parts of the world. They also had the opportunity to learn about the animal kingdom and habitats, about the protection of Nature and ecological behaviour.
As part of the visit, the children had previously participated in a creative activity […]

Visit to the Acropolis Museum

May 31, 2022|

The Acropolis Museum visited the women and mothers with their children who are hosted at the A Step Forward Open Accommodation Center. During the visit they had the opportunity to see the exhibits of the Museum, learn about the antiquities of Greece and enjoy a walk in the historical center of Athens.

Mother’s Day

May 8, 2022|

The first time I became a mother, I realized that I could do anything

Ms R.M.s story

April 1, 2022|

I left my country in 2018 to seek a peaceful life away from violence.

Infographic 02.2022

February 17, 2022|

See the activity results of the Open Accommodation Centre to date.

Petit Plan: Europa III

February 11, 2022|

On the occasion of the "Petit Plan: Europa III" Festival, the women of A Step Forward visited the Institut français de Grèce and enjoyed films of French cinema.

Believe in yourself!

January 7, 2022|

At a time when many of us are discouraged or give up the struggle to resolve our personal deadlocks, women like Sonia, without intending to, are a source of inspiration and activation for all of us.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

December 23, 2021|

This card is made by beneficiaries and employees of the programmes “Asylum and Migration” and “Local Development and Poverty Reduction”, funded by the EEAGrants.

Ice skating

December 20, 2021|

Christmas fun for the children of the A Step Forward Open Accommodation Center, at the ice rink

Kinetic activities

November 19, 2021|

Kinetic activities, physical exercises & lots of play, for the A Step Forward children where they can practice their kinetic skills, as play is a vital need for them.
#forhumanrightsineurope #forabetterfuture #eeagrantsgr #workingtogether


November 5, 2021|

Sport and music are two encouraging factors in children's mental and physical well-being.

Creative activities

October 29, 2021|

Creative moments for the children of A Step Forward

#Forhumanrightsineurope #Forabetterfuture #Workingtogether #EeaGrantsCommunity #EEAGrants #Inclusion #Protection #Empowerment

Fabrica Athens

October 25, 2021|

The 9th Festival of Handmade and Recycled Theatre became another opportunity for the women and children of the Open Accommodation Center to get to know the neighborhoods of the center of Athens through cultural events.

First day in school

September 13, 2021|

First day in school for the children of A Step Forward. With great enthusiasm, 8 children living in the Open Accommodation Center, with the help of social workers and the educator, were signed up in kindergarten, primary and secondary school where they will now attend their classes.

Recreational Activities

July 30, 2021|

Through playing, children develop their physical and cultural skills and discover in a fun way what they can do!

Infographic 07.2021

July 21, 2021|

See the activity results of the Open Accommodation Centre to date.

National Garden

July 19, 2021|

A walk in the centre of Athens became a pleasant opportunity for the mothers and children of the Open Accommodation Centre A Step Forward to explore the paths of the National Garden.

We Need Books

July 8, 2021|

With a book you can travel around the entire world. The women and children of A Step Forward visited the We Need Books library

Job opening “Instructor/Trainer”

June 11, 2021|

Το Μη Κερδοσκοπικό Σωματείο Γιατροί του Κόσμου – Ελληνική Αντιπροσωπεία, στο πλαίσιο του έργου “A Step forward-Accommodation Facility for Women Asylum Seekers at risk and for mothers with their children” το οποίο χρηματοδοτείται από τον χρηματοδοτικό μηχανισμό 2014-2021 του Ευρωπαϊκού Οικονομικού Χώρου (EEA grants) στο πλαίσιο του προγράμματος ”Asylum and Migration” με διαχειριστική αρχή τη ΣΟΛ Crowe και την Human Rights 360.



Μία (1) θέση Εκπαιδευτή-τριας/Εμψυχωτή-τριας


Οι […]

Breastfeeding course

June 7, 2021|

The breastfeeding course by the volunteer midwife for the women of “A Step Forward” project, was a valuable lesson in managing the care of their baby as they learned important information that every woman has the right to know and is linked to the development of a healthy child.
Issues discussed were about the physiology and pathology of lactation, the correct technique of breastfeeding, the nutrition of the breastfeeding woman and further questions were answered through personal discussion with […]

Visiting Acropolis

May 23, 2021|

The visit to the museum and the archaeological site of the Acropolis gave the women and young children of A Step Forward the opportunity to see up close and get to know an important element of Greek culture, as well as the role of museums in modern societies.

S. took a step forward

May 17, 2021|

She bid us farewell as she left the Open Accommodation Centre, leaving a picture she drew herself.

Easter 2021

May 3, 2021|

Moments of relaxation at the Open Accommodation Centre for women and mothers of asylum seekers and their children, where handmade gifts made by the children themselves with the help of the staff, delighted children and adults alike.

Computer courses

April 25, 2021|

The usage of computers and internet access for the women of "A Step Forward" is an important tool offerd to them during their stay at the Open Accommodation Center.

Workout excersises

April 11, 2021|

The shouts and laughs that fill the room during the workout excersises make life seem a little more normal again.

Εducational programs

March 29, 2021|

The educational programs conducted at the Open Accommodation Center of the project A Step Forward, provide important insights to mothers and their children and help enhance socialization. Regarding the equal rights for the two sexes, examples were discussed about women in world history, who changed social norms, claiming equal rights between the sexes.

March 8 | International Women’s Day

March 29, 2021|

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, on March 8, we symbolically offered to the women of the Open Living Center, a pot of flowers and chocolates to show them how important they are in life and how much they should feel strong!

Online presentation

February 8, 2021|

Watch the online presentation of the project "A Step Forward"

P.’s journey

January 22, 2021|

A woman who found such strength to escape a harsh environment is capable of achieving everything.

Constructions Completed!

December 22, 2020|

Constructions in ​​the new hospitality structure for women are being completed. With the beginning of the new year, we will be ready to welcome the women with their children who will be hosted.

Constructions in progress

November 19, 2020|

Constructions are in progress. Soon our new hospitality structure for vulnerable women will be ready to accommodate women and mothers with their children.

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