The Open Accommodation Centre was honoured to receive for two days, a visit from representatives of the Financial Mechanism Office (FMO), UDI and Hu manRights360
On behalf of the EEA Grants and the Financial Mechanism Office, Mrs. Eva Kloeve (Head of the Priority Sectors Unit) visited the facility, while the UDI delegation consisted of:
– Stephan Mo (Director SR)
– Stephan Mo (Stephan Mo (UDI Head of International section)
– Ioannis Tavridis (UDI/INE – programme adviser)
– Monica Bøe Andersen (UDI/INE- programme adviser)

The two delegations were accompanied by the General Manager of the HumanRights360 (Fund Operator), Mr. Epaminondas Farmakis.

During these important visits, the delegates were given the opportunity to talk to A Step Forward staff, meet the beneficiaries of the programme and discuss the development of the programme and the challenges of the refugee crisis in Greece in general.