She decided to leave her homeland, Pakistan, with a child in her arms, refusing to endure continuous gender-based violence.

P.’s journey towards a better life was long and seemed endless, until she arrived in Greece. After staying in various accommodation facilities, she joined the A Step Forward program along with her little child and currently stays at the DotW Reception Center for Women and Mothers-Asylum Seekers and their Children.

Since the beginning of their stay, both have been receiving support from the trained staff of our center, with the main goal being to make them feel safe having a home and any necessary help. P. is a dynamic person with willingness to learn and from the very first day she expressed the desire to begin greek language classes immediately, so as to manage to find a job and earn her own money.

A woman who found such strength to escape a harsh environment is capable of achieving everything and we will be here to support her on every step of the way, so that she gets back on her feet and raises her child in appropriate conditions.